How plastics industry

How plastics industry

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     Plastic industry
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    Introduction to the plastics industry :

    Is the plastics industry of vital industries upon which the rights in various areas of life The products plastics industry starting from the pots in the house to the ceilings to cars to airplanes and enter the plastics industry in many other industries Kalsnaat metal , wood and electricity cables , appliances , electronics and packaging industries , and falls under the the plastics industry a lot of industries.
    The plastic or so-called " plastic " material is easy configuration consists of different ways chains called polymers .
    Still communities experiencing development since the Stone Age and even the age of the black gold ( oil ) , which contributed to the emergence of new industries and many have appeared plastics industry flourished and became today occupies the top of the current industries as a result of frequent use in everyday life , because the plastics industry interference in the composition of things and tools around .
    The plastics industry is of the following materials :
    Petroleum .
    Natural gas .
    Coal .

    Composition used in the plastics industry :
    Plastic consists of ethylene , one of the derivatives of oil, which is used in the manufacture of polythene because it contains the element carbon , which is the most effective in the industry Albolemar , and added to it the properties of a certain gain Kalliona , flexibility and transparency.
    Plastics Industry :
    Production of plastic - plastic industry
    Includes the manufacture of plastic polymers manufacturing stage and then stage the formation of the final product .
    Preparation Albolemar :
    The petrochemical plants to convert crude oil to the monomers of cracking through the links , and then linking Almonomirat in long chains called Polymer and be completed in standard units .
    Industry and the formation of plastic :
    Forming plastic product - the plastics industry
    During this stage is the formation of the final product after the addition of plasticizers and Kalmqoyat Alakhaddab to improve its properties , and the product is formed by seven major operations :
    Stereotyping any industry template as required for casting or casting it.
    Casting or molding .
    Extrusion .
    Telmas or the formation of polished wafers .
    The formation of chips or lamination .
    Foam .
    Thermoforming .
    The plastics industry by molding :
    The molding process is divided into a set of other processes :
    Bloating : This process is used in the manufacture of bottles hollows , and the process is done through the introduction of a tube of molten resin ( Barison ) in the form of compressed air and pushes or steam , which expands to Albarison resin impetus to all aspects of the template.
    Injections: a more thermo-plastic molding processes common , and the process is done by dropping tablets from the resin pot oppressive to the template to be made ​​, and after 30 seconds the plastic solidifies , then opens the template and then is ejected product formed by nail expulsion .
    Pressure: This is more of molding processes commonly called Almtsaldat thermal , and surgery is performed by pressing the plastic and then put pressure on the configuration template used in the formation of the final product and the products of this process trusses car handles and utensils.
    Rotational force : This is done through the template partially filled resin powder , and then heating the mold and engine management problem at a maximum speed centrifugal force .
    After that the force called Force to pay the molten resin to the walls of the mold and then keep it in place until harden.
    The plastics industry by casting or molding :
    Or casting foundries - Project plastics industry
    This process is used in the formation of thermo-plastic material , and is the process by pouring the molten resin in a mold and then left to Atsald , and the most important products of this process : the gears and thick panels .
    The plastics industry by extrusion :
    Extrusion process - the plastics industry

    This process is used in the production of pipes and wire rods and caps , with the introduction of solid particles from gases emerging from the plastic pot into a conical cylinder hot.
    Formation of polished wafers :
    This process is performed put molten plastic Muscolan between a couple of cylinders and hot This process results in elements such as : playing cards with plastic -covered mattresses and used in the tables , and after adding fiber sheets or metal foils .
    The formation of chips or lamination :
    That Ptchiq piles of fiberglass , wood, paper , then soak the chips in the resin and the process is put on top of each other and then put it under the machine where this machine pressuring until the resin Ptchiq chips with some strong pressure produced from this process compressed wood panels cover the tables .
    The plastics industry by thermoforming :
    Thermoforming - Project plastics industry
    They process the least expensive in terms of money compared to other processes , and are installed plastic sheet over the mold and heated until soft , then suck the air pump chips soft down to cover all of the mold, then it becomes hardened and appear in the forms and templates are different and the most important products bathtubs .
    Kinds of plastic :
    There are two basic types of plastic are:
    Thermoplastic :
    Thermal plastic products - plastics industry
    He is soften heat and then changed its shape and therefore can be melted down and re- formed , and this type is the most widely used products are : plastic bags , bottles and plastic .
    Plastic Allahrara :
    Turns this kind of after -machined plastics material is molten , and can not be re- formed and soften when re-heating , and uses this type of plastic in the packaging of electrical wires and handles pots .
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