How to make compost

How to make compost

    The fertilization process is excellent for improving soil quality and prevent it from erosion . It is through fertilization , re- organic materials , consumed by plants , to the soil - and this would improve the soil structure . The organic material is that bind soil particles together and prevent them from erosion . If we add compost to sandy soil to become capable of storing larger quantities of water and become rich in nutrients . And of course we all know that sand does not store water well and is poor in nutrients , and this justifies our inability to planting vegetables and most of the trees in the sand ( or in other words, soils dominated by sand) . But if we add compost to the clay soil ( sand that are poor and rich mud - and thus poorly drained and heavy ), it will help to increase the distances between the particles , making them able to drain the excess water that you drink . Improving the quality of the soil affects positively on the plants , and the good plants to prevent soil erosion .

    The materials used for making fertilizer

    Any material originating from plants can be used to make compost . Valawrac land or green , grass, weeds, food scraps and sawdust , and a small timber , and animal dung , and newspapers are all good materials to use. The hovering , and bones , and fatty foods , do not recommend that you use it to attract rats and snakes .

    Turn these materials after that we collect in the bowl to the simple organic materials , and bacteria play an important role in achieving this matter . Bacteria are working on an analysis of the plants and their waste - that we have mentioned - to the nutrients available for use by the cultivated plants . Be those materials containing a certain percentage of carbon and nitrogen. Vencarh wood , for example , has a ratio of 500 parts of carbon for every one part of nitrogen. The food waste Fathtoa on the proportion of 15 parts of carbon for every one part of nitrogen. It is important in this is that we know that there is a material rich in nitrogen and other carbon-rich . The bacteria work well if it were a mixture ( materials that we have mentioned ) contain a 30 portion of the carbon for every one part of nitrogen (30 : 1) , and this can be achieved by mixing green materials ( rich in nitrogen ) with material structure ( carbon-rich ) .

    - Green materials , or materials rich in nitrogen are:
    Vegetables , and food scraps , and weeds , egg shells , and animal dung ...

    - Structure of materials , or carbon-rich materials are:
    Tree leaves , straw, plain paper , small pieces of wood , sawdust ...

    How to prepare a pot -making fertilizer

    The vessel , which we will use to make compost made ​​of iron clamp . As shown in the drawing , it is a length of 90 Smontmitr and height of 90 centimeters , too. The container can be made manually or buy it from the store . If ye making such a pot or buy one like it , you can use a bowl made ​​of wood or plastic - provided that the walls are perforated to allow air to enter , and to be mentioned in the same size - or larger if needed.

    Practical steps for the success of the process of making compost

    First in the kitchen
    Try to keep the pot put the leftover food , and tried to separate each layer paper newspaper in order to facilitate the process of cleaning the bowl and dump the contents .

    Do not cover the pot because the substances found inside Stakhtmr and become fetid .

    You can put the vegetables , and food waste , cans and paper , and eggshells (after grinding ) , and any other organic material . But you should not put meat, fatty substances , and products made ​​from milk ( milk , cheese, yoghurt ) , and egg white , and bones.

    Whenever we put a little bowl filled with paper and newspaper in order to prevent the emission of odor, in order to separate the layers of the vessel .

    When the container is full extricate it to the place where there are pot fertilization basic and unload the contents . After emptied , clean it and put in his own land newsprint and then bring him back to the kitchen to Nmlih again .

    Secondly, when the primary receptacle
    Keep primary receptacle in a shady place outside the home. The best that we put it on the dirt in order to absorb the material that may fall out of the bowl.

    Keep in the bottom of the container layer of twigs and leaves of trees . Better to be strong so that this layer does not break down when we start Bmlye bowl. The goal of the existence of this layer is the center of the bowl ventilation .

    The best way to fill the pot is split content aligned to the layers on top of each - as shown in the first drawing . Class that is made ​​up of green materials , followed by a layer material structure and so on ... There is wisdom behind this method , but we can not explain the whole , but in brief this method allows ventilation of the material in the vessel and assist in the discharge of water from the vessel - which is usually Alohjae stored in the leaves and foods ...

    When you begin to mobilize the vessel lay material first and then build a structure above the layers form in which we have mentioned above . When the container is full , better to be the last layer structure also . As shown in the drawing , layered structure be larger than the layers of green .

    The last step is optional . When Nmlye pot, we upside down in his heart all the while without dropping the material inside , and this helps to speed up the process of fermentation of materials and converts them into fertilizer .

    Resulting from the use of compost mixture

    In order to become a brewing materials and ready-to- use take an indefinite period of time. There are many factors affect the speed of fermentation materials : including the weather , and the size of the pot , and the materials used , and the number of times the heart of the bowl. Usually, brewing materials at the bottom of the bowl first. Even the upper classes were delayed fermentation recommend the heart of the vessel , in order to make it at the bottom . After fermentation , the content of the container becomes ready for use.

    Usually become material in the vessel ready for use when :

    Becomes the size of a third of the original size.

    It becomes brown in color .

    Become fragmented .

    Become her smell like the smell of dirt or earth .

    Compost is a medicine poor soil with organic matter and nutrients . We use in the fields to fertilize trees and vegetables. ( God did not create things in vain .. even animal dung and waste of food , and the leaves of trees contribute to securing our food. Whatever we counted a blessing it is much more than we imagine . ) .. Of course be stated in the articles of reminder yes God is not translated ! ! !

    Errors that may be contained with us and how to fix it

    In some cases , including conducting Alraih not go wrong , and mixed piggledy . Here are some errors that may soak or suddenly appear when we make compost , and solutions to them .

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    The idea of ​​positive
    If immersion compost which we got in a bowl of water for a week the water will become liquid fertilizer (called a nutrient solution ) is used for the same purpose , which use it for fertilizer normal . The difference here is the ease of fertilization and do not need to grub or hoeing the soil in order to Nsmd plants. Read about how to prepare nutritious organic solution .

    Encourage your surroundings on the use of organic fertilizers
    Here are some ways you can follow to promote the command:

    Make a compost - the way in which we have mentioned - several times in order to become an expert about it . Then Cultivate some plants in containers or in the garden , using this compost and seen them ( neighbors , relatives and friends ) results through crop Thsdh . Also tell them about the advantages of this compost and how it is made 100% by hand at home , it does not cost us cheesed off , but it turns materials that we previously we consider waste materials to be used and take advantage of them.

    If you became an expert thing (say a year later ) and knowing the problems and solutions , to introduce the idea to the school or university, which taught them , and in Lebanon, there are many schools of Islamic and Christian concerned with the issue of waste recycling and composting organic , where you play pupils instrumental in the process. There are successful experiences in Egypt benefited from the process of converting waste into organic fertilizer and has become one of the pioneers of exporters of fertilizer in the Arab world
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