Adorable Doggie Photo Shoots With Santa Are The Pawesome Trend This Christmas

Some people might scoff at the idea of having your pup's photo taken with Santa, but I say that those people are just grinches! Who doesn't love the idea of an adorable pic of Fido and Santa? I want to do this with my dogs next week!
Have you had your dog (or cat!) photographed on Santa's lap? Share your pics in the COMMENTS so we can all share in the cuteness!

It may be impossible for a corgi to not look excited.

viaPinterest / trish deangelis

Even if they're nervous, the pups can get a great photo!

Santa will make it work!

viaInstagram / @nsspca

There's always one goofball.

For many dogs, it's their natural state.

One for each knee!

viaInstagram / @chip.po