Gong Shou Dao (GSD) Features the Top 3 Martial Arts Choreographers

Gong Shou Dao (GSD) Features the Top 3 Martial Arts Choreographers
    Gong Shou Dao (GSD), a new short film produced by Jet Li, features the top three Chinese martial arts choreographers. The film is expected to demonstrate the most astonishing and sophisticated aspects of Chinese martial arts.

    A movie poster published on Jack Ma’s blog made a big splash in the fields of action movie-making industry and Chinese martial arts.
    GSD is a short film made for promoting the culture of Taiji. Jack Ma will play the role of the leading actor in this movie together with 11 other famous Kung Fu icons representing different martial art disciplines. The short film is made as a tribute to all master kung fu predecessors and for promoting the excellence of traditional Chinese culture.
    Participation of Jack Ma, the founder of Alibaba Group, in the cast will undoubtedly maximize the understanding and value of Taiji culture throughout the world due to Ma’s worldwide influence. Since all the stars performing in the film are well trained in martial arts, the super cast guarantees the quality of the movie.
    For most of the fans of action movies, the beauty and the strength of actions presented through a film are the main attractions. As a result, the martial arts choreography serves as the key in the success of an action movie.
    Currently the top three master-level Chinese martial arts choreographers in
     the world are Yuen Woo-Ping, Sammo Hung, and Tony Ching. In the filming of GSD,
     the expertise of these top three Chinese martial arts masters were integrated.
    Sammo Hung is a Chinese kung fu actor who has a solid foundation in the practice of kung fu. He is noted for the choreography of kung fu sparring with a touch of occasional humor
     and imagination. The master’s top action movies include “Ip Man“, “Detective Dee
     and the Mystery of the Phantom Flame“, and “Once Upon a Time in China and 
    America” etc.
    martial arts Choreographers gong shou dao gsd
    Yuen Woo-Ping served as the martial arts choreographer in classical action films
     including “Once Upon a Time in China II”, “The Tai-Chi Master“,  “Fist of Legend”
     and Hollywood classic “The Matrix”. His choreography of actions is known for its 
    reflection of reality. His design of actions is characterized by swiftness, exactness,
     and ruthlessness. Yuen’s brand of actions delivers visual punch to the audience.
    martial arts Choreographers gong shou dao gsd
    Tony Ching is well-known for his martial arts choreography of the classical movie
     “New Dragon Gate Inn“. His choreography features beauty and elegance. He used slow motions to magnify many graceful actions which helped form the image of martial art
     characters and classical actions. Ching’s other signature works include 
    “Swordsman II” and “Hero” both starring our founder Jet Li.
    martial arts Choreographers gong shou dao gsd
    The three master choreographers worked out different stereotypes of legendary
     martial art masters Zhang Sanfeng, Ip Man, and Ling Wu Chung, respectively. 
    By integrating the various creative styles of these three directors, the resulted 
    film is expected to showcase scenes of ruthless sparring, standard martial
     art techniques, and seamless elegance. The fans may expect a creative 
    work featuring seemingly familiar feelings and ultimate duels.
    jet li founder gong shou dao gsd
    According to Jet Li, all actors and directors worked pro bono in the making 
    of this film as a tribute to Chinese culture and all the Chinese martial arts
     masters past and present. The film is made as an endeavor to share Chinese 
    culture with the world.
    Jack Ma said, “No further development will be made for a society or individual if there is no pursuit of culture or innovation.” The responsibility and obligation of this generation is to let the world know about the excellence of the Chinese culture and share the thoughts and strength contained in traditional Chinese philosophy, Ma stated. “This cultural heritage not only belongs to China, but also to the world,” Ma added.
    The three Chinese martial arts choreographers have been making extraordinary contributions to the promotion and interpretation of martial arts. The collaboration of the three masters marked a milestone in Chinese action movie making industry. They are determined to produce a legendary new generation martial arts film.
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