Make Your Own Photo Calendar 2019 Free

Make Your Own Photo Calendar 2019 Free

    Free Photo Calendar Template 2019

    You can use this 2019 Word calendar template to make wonderful gifts. Each year my sister makes a calendar with photos of all the nieces and nephews and gives them as Christmas gifts to family. It’s lovely to see smiling faces on the wall and think of my nieces and nephews each time I walk past.
    I created this page so that you can download my template and create your own personalised photo calendar using your home computer. All you need to do is pick 12 great photos, download the 2019 Word calendar template, and follow my easy step-by-step instructions. Print it out on your home printer and hey presto you have a thoughtful and inexpensive homemade gift!
    I’ve taken care of all the formatting for you so there’s no fiddling with tables or dates. All you need to do is add your photos and your calendar will look great!
    Create a quick and easy downloadable personalised calendar for 2019, that you can print at home! Add your favourite photo and a caption and make your own calendar free. This free photo calendar is downloaded as a PDF and is perfect for A4 or A3 print. 
    Underneath your chosen image, the rest of the calendar features all the months of the year, with days of the week clearly indicated. 
    Build your own calendar with your uploaded your image and caption, and then simply click the green download button and enjoy your free personalised calendar. 


    Make your own calendar, free, as many times as you like, with a different image every time. Our unique, printable template can be downloaded again and again with a different photo and caption used each time so that you can print your own calendar as well as a photocalendar for your friends and family. This is perfect if you want to put a calendar in several rooms in your house, or for every desk in your office. Why not print a calendar for each of your children, using their favourite photo? Teach them about the months of the year and days of the week in a fun and personal way. These calendars can act like a personalised and functional poster, that they will love hanging up in their rooms.

    Do I need photo calendar maker software?

    No, there’s no need for any photo calendar creator software. Just use my Microsoft Word calendar template. Word is the perfect tool for making a photo calendar because
    • It’s easy to use
    • It’s flexible, e.g. you can add family birthdays to the calendar
    • It’s free (sort of). You might already have it on your computer, and if you don’t you can download a free 30 day trial of Word so it won’t cost you anything.


    If you need a free photo calendar in a hurry, then this free, downloadable calendar is for you. Our simple yet stylish design allows you to create a free personalised calendar and print it immediately in the comfort of your own home. Make your own calendar free using a special photo, and add a caption to make it even more personal. The downloaded PDF is perfect for A4 and A3 printing; just make sure you use a high-quality printer and inks to get the most out of your calendar. Underneath your chosen photo, you will see the months of the year printed in full, with a handy days-of-the-week indicator. There is no limit to printing your own calendars (apart from the ink in your printer of course), so you can enjoy printing as many calendars as you like, with different photos every time. 

    • Free downloadable PDF
    • Perfect for A4 and A3
    • Upload a single photo
    • Create with our online calendar maker
    • Add a caption for your calendar
    • Print at home immediately
    • Use your own photos
    • Fun and simple to create
    • Full months of the year layout
    • Print as many as you like using a different image each time
    • Share or send it to friends and family to print too
    • Making calendars for free has never been so easy
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