15 Amazing Facts About Your Body That Explain a Lot

15 Amazing Facts About Your Body That Explain a Lot
    For centuries, the human body was a subject of studies and experiments and even inspired inventions like cameras and the Eiffel Tower which was inspired by the thigh bone. And you would think that throughout history there would be no secrets left to uncover, but this list will prove you wrong.

    We at Bright Side find every aspect of human beings to be fascinating — from their kindness and compassion to the simple structure of an eye. That being said, we’re excited to share some interesting facts about the human body with you.

    1. The human body can survive a lightning strike.

    2. A toothache and a headache are linked together.

    Have you ever noticed that your toothache is linked to your headache? You’re not just imagining things — thanks to the trigeminal nerve that goes through your jaw to your head, those 2 pains usually go hand in hand.

    3. The human brain can be more active during sleep.

    Stages of the human sleep process were discovered in the 1950s and according to findings, our brains are busier when asleep than when awake.

    4. We’re the only animal who can blush.

    As a psychological or physical response to our environment, blushing can be perceived as cute and we are proud to say that humans are the only creatures on Earth that can do it!

    5. Our brains can’t feel pain, but they take up a quarter of the body’s oxygen.

    Our brain, as powerful as it is, possesses no nerve endings that would register pain or damage to it. However, for it to function, it takes up to 25% of all the oxygen your body gets.

    6. Facial hair is the fastest growing hair on your body.

    If you ever ask the male population about this, they will agree that they have to “face this fact” every day when they have to shave. It’s probably good that a lot of women find bearded guys attractive, right?

    7. The nail on your middle finger grows faster than your other nails.

    It may be inconvenient for your manicure upkeep, but it’s absolutely true: the middle fingernail grows the fastest.

    8. The length of all your blood vessels is really impressive.

    If you take each and every vessel in your body and put it back to back, they’d make up a length of 96,000 kilometers or 60,000 miles in children and a whopping 100,000 miles in adults.

    9. The female heart beats faster.

    Canadian scientists revealed that the female heart runs faster at about 1.7 — 2.3 hours ahead of the male heart. It has about 10 beats a minute more.

    10. Your liver has over 500 functions.

    Talk about busy bees — our livers do everything from filtering blood, breaking down and absorbing fats, processing cholesterol and some vitamins, and a ton more!

    11. The acid in your stomach can melt down metal.

    Can you imagine if you were carrying around a pouch of extremely powerful acid at all times? Well, you are! We’d never suggest trying this on your own stomach but just know this: it can dissolve metalover time.

    12. Your feet make about a liter of water on a rough day.

    Your foot has 500,000 sweat glands, so it can produce up to 2 pints of sweat a day.

    13. Coughing can reach a high speed.

    Your coughing can reach the speed of 50 miles per hour, so in some states, it’s faster than a car speed limit within the city borders.

    14. The first trimester of pregnancy brings weird dreams.

    Isn’t it peculiar, that during the early stages of pregnancy, women dream of frogs, worms, and potted plants? This could have an interesting meaning psychologically or have no meaning at all — but can’t we agree that pregnant ladies go through enough as it is?

    15. At some point, you’ve been a cell.

    This fact is simple but very weird — all of us at some point, for about a half an hour have been nothing more than
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