20 Design Ideas That Rocked Our Day

20 Design Ideas That Rocked Our Day
    People’s fantasies know no boundaries. We continue to invent new things all the time and still have the ability to be surprised by creative masterpieces. Inventions like LED benches and metal cocktail straws still have our jaws on the floor!

    Bright Side knows how much you like unusual things and that’s why we’ve compiled a set of new and cool design examples that are hard to stop staring at.

    “Found an LED bench that changes color over time.”

    The straw for the orange juice in some cafeterias in Berlin is metal instead of plastic.

    A device that helps a kid to hold a pen correctly from the very beginning

    A shower in a hotel

    An imitation of the night sky in a plane

    “The elementary school in my neighborhood installed this to park the scooters.”

    An idea for stairs

    A self-watering device

    This is how tiles could look:

    An elevator in a hotel

    Lamps made of wood and resin

    Сlockwork car?

    This meat packer’s sweatshirt magically coincides with the meat.

    Bedding you can draw on

    An original hoodie for Star Trek fans

    Mannequins we were desperately missing!

    This shows customers if their freight was tipped while being shipped.

    Mirrors that look like glasses

    Animal-shaped lighting design

    Transparent Coca-Cola from Japan

    Which of these ideas did you like most? We would be happy to hear from you in the comments!
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