Create a video The Moments That Bring Us Closer new video in Facebook

Create a video The Moments That Bring Us Closer new video in Facebook
    The Moments That Bring Us Closer’ video is now making its way out to users on Android, iOS, and the web  new video in Facebook

    Facebook is out with a new video collage celebrating the time spent together. It’s called “The Moments Bring Us Closer.” And, it’s now rolling out to users via Android, iOS, and the web on desktop. As one might imagine, it’s a pre-produced video, incorporating a few captured personalized moments.

    Facebook ‘The Moments That Bring Us Closer’ Video Rolls Out to Android, iOS, Desktop

    The video comes at a time when the social network is attempting to get past its slew of recent scandals. Over the past several months, the social site has been found storing user passwords in plain text, using its various features to grab more personal data, and other questionable practices.Facebook The Moments That Bring Us Closer video message
    Facebook currently releases monthly video collections, along with seasonal videos. The last time it released a video of this type was itsGood Adds Up, back in June 2017, when the company marked its 2-billion user milestone.
    The company intends such content to get users interested and re-engaged in the social network. For some time now, it’s suffered from “content collapse,” a decline in original content broadcasting or original user posts. 

    How to Get the Facebook ‘The Moments That Bring Us Closer’ Video

    To get the new Facebook ‘The Moments That Bring Us Closer’ video, simply open the app on Android or iOS. Alternatively, click over to the Memories section on the web and look for a prompt. Click or tap on it and wait a few minutes for the video to render. (Users can also claim their own by clicking or tapping on “Watch” at the bottom right of a friend’s video.)

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