Ash Ketchum Is Finally A Pokémon League Champion After 22 Years

Ash Ketchum Is Finally A Pokémon League Champion After 22 Years
    Eternal child and Pokémon lover Ash Ketchum has been chasing his dream of becoming a Pokémon

     League Champion for what seems like forever in the mainline anime series of the franchise. So long has this 10-year-old boy-wonder been on his path, it's become a running joke that he's actually kinda... a sucky trainer when it comes to taking home the win.Thankfully for the plucky young dreamer from Pallet Town, Pokémon the Series: Sun & Moon is wrapping up and it seems that re-writing history is top of the agenda, having Ash take first and becoming the Alola Region Champion after a slew of being just not good enough. The truth hurts sometimes.
    Ketchum was a runner-up in 2016's Pokémon XYZ anime show, suffering a crushing defeat in the process during the Kalos League competition. It seems that Ash isn't the only one celebrating this most unlikely of victories (hopefully very responsibly as he is still only a child, canonically) and people on the internet have been overjoyed to hear he's now a champ.
    Among the outpouring of congratulations, Ash's original English voice actress Veronica Taylor recorded a special and incredibly sweet message on her Twitter paying her compliments to Ash as... well, as Ash. Don't think about it too much and just take a look.
    Purists will argue that technically, this isn't Ash's first victory in a Pokémon League, as he did win the Orange Island League a couple of decades back. While this is quite true, it's been debated that the competition wasn't up to snuff when compared to the typical League standards, and shouldn't be counted, as Orange isn't a region, it was simply a challenge.
    It's not clear whether this victory makes Ash a Pokémon Master now or not, as a new series is set to start covering the entirety of the Pokémon universes regions, possibly retconning the original story arc of Ketchum and co. After 20 years of attempting to be the very best like no-one ever was, this would obviously be incredibly cruel.
    Ash Ketchum Is Finally A Pokémon League Champion After 22 Year
    Ash Ketchum Is Finally A Pokémon League Champion After 22 Year
    Mind you, these are the people that also had an emotionally distraught young Pokémon wear the skull of its dead mother on its head so, maybe life just be like that sometimes.

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