How to create a video and photos of nice friends on the occasion of the New Year

How to create a video and photos of nice friends on the occasion of the  New Year
    can create a video and photos of nice friends on the occasion of the New Year
    If you’re looking for fun and hair-raising ways to get into the New Year spirit this year, look no further than Facebook New Year Day Video

    LIKE Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree can create a video and photos of nice friends on the occasion of the New Year
    is a top holiday that brings people together, with people celebrating by sharing photos and attending events on Facebook, sending photos to friends on Messenger, and talking about their costumes in Facebook posts. 

    Today, we’re announcing dozens of Halloween-themed experiences on Facebook

    create Facebook New Year Day Video

    1- Enter the following link   Get your video now 

    You can also download distinctive programs on the mobile

    Download the Program Create a good memory for your photos with  >>> https://bit.ly/2WL7LM6

    Download the Program Create a good memory for  Magic Video Effects Editor  >>> https://bit.ly/2WL7LM6

    2 -CHOOSE A TEMPLATE On the homepage there are several popular templates which vary depending on the season. You may pick one of them or start browsing categories.

     There are two types of templates: picture and videos. Choose one that suits your goal. Free templates are marked with the Free band.

    Each template has a detailed description and may be previewed. To choose a theme, just click Personalize it Now on the template preview.

    Some templates require to specify how many people you want to feature.


    Find a successful photo of you, your friend, or any other person who you would like to feature your funny dance video and upload it. You may also use Facebook photos for this purpose or take an iPhone selfie. The tool automatically recognizes a head and crops the photo. All you need is to zoom and rotate it, fine-tune contours, and position the mouth, so that your video character could speak. All your heads will be saved in your account for further usage

    4- PUT FACE ON THE VIDEO : When you saved a face, just drag-‘n-drop it onto the video character. If you chose a template that requires several characters, make sure you uploaded all needed faces. Click Done

    Then you’ll be directed to the preview of your clip. Here you’ll be able to add a title for it. On this stage you can easily record the video.

    5- ADD A MESSAGE (OPTIONAL) : If you’re going to send the resulted video as an ecard, consider adding a greeting for your friend. Click Skip or Done to finish.

    6- SEND THE VIDEO : If you picked a free template, you may send the video for free via email or Facebook.

    Now let’s view the most popular JibJab templates for various occasions.


    Here are quick filters which will help you find a funny birthday ecard or video depending on the recipient gender or character.

    In Bithdays category there are 332 templates and only one called Singing Cake is free. Unfortunately, you can add a custom photo onto it.

    Among Premium ones, draw attention to Tequila Birthday (4 people), Roller Disco Female (1 person), and I Feel Good (1 person).


    There is only one free template – Hall of Presidents, where adding your custom heads is not available.
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